Stormwater Strategy

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If In Doubt…Report It! (515)725-8694

To report an illicit discharge call the Iowa DNR at (515) 725-8694 and local authorities at (515) 222-3321 (24/7/365). Online reporting can be submitted here: click for ISWEP

The City of Clive addresses Stormwater in a number of ways.


FEMA Flood Maps. Maps are provided to promote public safety and help residents and professionals make decisions about where and how new structures could be responsibly built. Click here for more information: Flood Maps

FloodingThe City strives to keep its residents safe. Its flood response protocol can be viewed in the Health and Safety area.  Its sand bag and evacuation sites are listed under Public Works.

Regional Walnut Creek Watershed Management Authority. Clive was the first metro city to approve the Master Plan. For more information, read this page.

Regulation. Planning sites before construction begins is one of the best and most economical ways to manage storm water. Clive proudly maintains high standards for its development, which can be viewed under Community Development.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention and Management PlanClive practices responsible storm water management through its Operations and Maintenance Program.

To learn more about Urban Stormwater Runoff, its causes, and some positive actions to prevent its negative effects, click here <what you can do.>

Stormwater Management fees were implemented August 1, 2005 and are billed monthly to all Clive customers.  Stormwater Management fees are reviewed by the City Council annually for any adjustments needed to fund the City's storm water operations and capital projects.

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Anyone seeking information on stormwater, please contact either:

Rachel Conrad

(515) 223-6231 x 5128
Water Resources Engineer

Doug Ollendike

(515) 223-6221 x 5075
Community Development Director

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