Greenbelt Triad Projects

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Project History

In the late 1970’s the City of Clive passed a bond referendum to begin development of flood plain the city had acquired between NW 100th Street and NW 114th Street.  The referendum passed and the first recreational amenities were added to this section of greenbelt.  This initial project was successful and spired continued development of the Clive Greenbelt over the past forty years.

In 2015 the Clive City Council commissioned a greenbelt master plan to be developed that would guide maintenance and re-development of the greenbelt for the next 20 years. The master plan was finished and adopted in October of 2016.  The three Triad Projects are the result of the recommendations that came from the master plan.  The Greenbelt Master Plan is based upon extensive public and stakeholder input which was gathered throughout the 18 months the master plan was created.

Greenbelt Landing

The first project to move forward is the improvements and additions to Greenbelt Landing.  This area surrounds the Clive Aquatic Center and is home to the Clive Special Events Building and festival area just south of Walnut Creek.  This area was officially named Greenbelt Landing is late 2018 based upon the results of a public naming input poll.   This project has an estimated construction start date of late 2020.

Key Aspects of the project include:

  • Renovation and enhancement of the special events building
  • Installation of a performance stage/pond overlook
  • Refinement of the open festival area
  • Addition of wetlands and storm water detention
  • Addition of a wetland walkway
  • Streambank stabilization
  • Improvements to vehicular and pedestrian flow to the area

Porter Shelter

Porter Shelter is located along Maddox Parkway just west of 100th street on the north side of Walnut Creek.  This area was one of the original recreational nodes that was developed as a result of the bond referendum in the late 1970’s.  This area currently has an open air shelter and playground as well as a ball field.  The area frequently floods when Walnut Creek rises during high rain events.

Key aspects of this project include:

  • Installation of a new relocated picnic shelter and restroom
  • Installation of a new relocated nature-scape playground
  • Enlargement of the parking area
  • Relocation of the Greenbelt Trail
  • Storm water enhancements and stream bank stabilization
  • Increased access to Walnut Creek


Campbell Park Trail Bridge

As the Clive Greenbelt Trail approached the Campbell Park area, the trail crossed Walnut Creek over one of the oldest bridges on the trial.  This project will create a new bridge that will be farther above the creek.  This bridge also provides an opportunity to incorporate public art into the project which can create an iconic attraction for residents and visitors.

Key aspects of this project include:

  • Replacement of the trail bridge and addition of overlook areas to the bridge
  • Addition of public art component to the bridge
  • Realignment of Greenbelt Trail
  • Addition of creek access and Creekside overlook
  • Storm water enhancements and streambank stabilization
  • Additional trail connection to Campbell Park


All three projects are currently partially funded through the City of Clive CIP budget.  Additional grant funding is being applied for and private denotations are also sought to help fund these exciting enhancements to the Clive Greenbelt.
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