Indian Hills Woods Improvements

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Indian Hills Woods Improvements

This fall the City of Clive is bringing together a team of water resources experts, including multiple government and nonprofit organizations to analyze the current conditions and design a framework for the long term improvement of Indian Hills Woods.  The initial goals for the project have been identified as defining solutions for stabilizing the eroding streambanks, protecting public infrastructure and private property, improving aquatic and riparian habit and increasing public interaction within this important natural corridor. Before the team starts their work, the City would like to gather input on what residents have observed in Indian Hills Woods and how changes in vegetation, erosion and storm water flows have affected their property.

For decades, the impacts caused by the urbanization within the Indian Hills Woods watershed have been dealt with on a case-by-case basis.  Those individual projects addressed immediate concerns, however, these band-aid solutions have been generally short lived.  As we are all aware, erosion concerns have continued, invasive vegetation has persisted, public infrastructure continues to be in jeopardy and private property has been further impacted.  As the City of Clive evolves its perspective to a broader systems approach to land, vegetation and stormwater management, the Indian Hills Woods represents a great opportunity to put into practice an integrated approach for a long term sustainable solution to all of those challenges.     

On October 3rd in City hosted a neighborhood meeting to discuss the upcoming study.  The presentation materials from the meeting are available here.

During the study period this fall residents within the Indian Hills Woods area may see City staff and our technical partners taking photographs and measurements in Indian Hills Woods.  Please feel free to visit with us and share your thoughts as we’re completing our field assessments.  Once the field assessments and preliminary design work is completed, the City will host another neighborhood meeting to share results and discuss the timeline for implementation.  

To share your input on this project, please email or call the Clive Community Development Department at 515-223-6221.  We hope you can join us on October 3rd.

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