Protecting People

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To receive emergency phone notifications during flooding events please sign up for Code Red.


What to do AFTER A FLOOD

DO NOT ENTER A HOME OR BUSINESS UNTIL IT HAS BEEN CHECKED TO ENSURE IT'S SAFE - In addition to structural damage, there may be dangerous debris, electrical current or gas leaks. If you're unsure, please contact MidAmerican Energy at (800) 427-5632 for gas and electric or the Community Development Department at  (515) 223-6221 for your home or business.

CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE AGENT - If you have damage to your home or business you may be able to file a claim. Be sure to have your policy or policy number available and ensure you give them current contact information in case you are not able to remain in your home. Taking photos and making a list of damaged items will assist your agent in getting your the highest reimbursement possible.  

CLEAN UP - Throw away food that has been contaminated and remove wet carpeting, bedding, paper, etc. as quickly as possible to avoid mold. Clean up EVERYTHING that has been wet since flood water will be contaminated with sewage and other chemicals which pose severe health threats. The following links will take you to the State of Iowa Department of Public Health for information about a number of topics. 

For information on avoiding and repairing flooded basements and evaluating flood-damaged electrical work, please click here for the Construction Services Division's Construction Services Corner.

What to do BEFORE A FLOOD 

What to do DURING A FLOOD 

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