Residential Building Permits

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Building permit applications for residential construction must include the following:

  1. Application for Building Permit (New Construction, Additions & Remodels) PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL NEW CONSTRUCTION WILL NEED TO PROVIDE A GP#2 AUTHORIZATION NUMBER (see permit)
  2. Builder's Acknowledgement (New Construction, Additions & Remodels)
  3. Plan Submittal Checklist for New Construction or Plan Submittal Checklist for Additions & Remodels - Please ensure all items appropriate to the construction project are included on the site plan and/or construction drawings. (New Construction, Additions & Remodels)
  4. Site plan - Must include all items appropriate to the construction project as detailed on the Plan Submittal Checklist. (New Construction & Additions)
  5. One set of construction drawings -Must include all items appropriate to the construction project as detailed on the Plan Submittal Checklist. The plan set will become part of the address file and will not be returned. (New Construction, Additions & Remodels)
  6. Residential Energy Compliance form (program from U.S. Dept. of Energy) and compliance method per 2012 IECC Code. (New Construction & Additions)
  7. Top Soil Agreement (New Construction only - for plats approved on or after October 1, 2012)

Information Sheets

Applicants wishing to e-mail documentation/applications may send to:

General Contractor

General contractors must adhere to state requirements for registration, etc.


Trade Contractors

No work will be performed on electrical, plumbing or mechanical systems without having first obtained a trade permit. Please call our office at (515) 223-6221 to get the most recent version of the trade permit or download from the links below.  

Trade contractors wishing to perform work in the City of Clive must be licensed through the appropriate state agency(ies). License must be presented at time of permitting.

Trade Permit Application

Trade Permit Application - Fillable


Inspections will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis by calling the Community Development Department at (515) 223-6221. No inspection will be scheduled if the required permit(s) has(have) not been processed.


Inspection Requirements and Schedule

Prior to requesting a specific inspection, the building permit (if applicable) and/or trade permit must have been issued.

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